1. Art doesn't necessarily have to require efforts.

2. Every piece of art is conceptual. "Lack of ideology" can also be a conception.

3. Everything existing can be presented as art.

4. Absence is existence as well.

5.1. Art object's definition cannot be restricted by anything (including individual, social, moral or legal settings).

5.2. Popularity, legality, social apprisal & author's liability for the produced material are not taken into consideration.

5.3. Such terms as "quality" or "value" are not applicable to art in any way.

6.1. Art equals interpretation of reality forms through aesthetic senses.

6.2. Representation is always possessed by art (therefore is inseparable), which makes art an integral part of consciousness, which is a constituent of universal metaphysical energy. Thought is rated as a primordial and genuine method of representation.

Leave immediately if you:

1) are against copyright violation or illegal/immoral information;

2) do not agree with foregoing statements. Any controversy is inconceivable.


HALTURA movement was formed on 2012-5-7 in Ukraine by Vziel as a promotion to the ideas of Genetic Trance. All items are available for free download. HALTURA is currently being co-operated by Vlad Shegal, RedSK, mhz_ and Damien Ark.

Everyone can support HALTURA by contributing any material for it being published. Contact: halturaproject@yandex.ru

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