mhz_ is an experimental music project from Poland, with many other aliases (noiseoftherose, fault artist, 808core etc.). Mostly concentrating on noise, avant-garde, field recordings, dark ambient, glitch, lo-bit, drone, noisecore, spontaneous movements, but working in other genres as well.

The Haltura releases of mhz_ are usually conceptual, which would be rejected in other netlabels despite they are of important value, but for a "casual" noise/experimental listener there's a mini-series going named "The Weekly Flop", in which the artist creates 1,44 MB "virtual disks" of experimental music every week (or even twice a week), as a form of instant publishing and researching creativity. The weekday of a release is not set.


[haltura4-0001] we'll fuck you like superman - episode one

[haltura4-0002] we'll fuck you like superman - demos 2050

[haltura4-0003] DC Offset - Ultraminimal Art EP

[haltura4-0004] Foiled Artist - Bogurodzica 2011-05 Raw & Unmix'd (Shiiiiitcore Edition)

[haltura4-0005] mhtt - Hudba2

[haltura4-0006] mhz^ - The Polish @Adminism Religion Prayer

[haltura4-0007] mhz_ featuring Brownian Motion - The Weekly Flop #2

[haltura4-0008] Em-Aitch-Zed - "Tone" Exists Only In Your Mind

[haltura4-0009] Em-Aitch-Zed - "Rhythm" Exists Only In Your Mind

[haltura4-0010] Dying Fish Fetish - 12-07-2012

[haltura4-0011] mhz_ featuring RedSK - The Weekly Flop #3

[haltura4-0012] mhz_ - The Weekly Flop #3.4

[haltura4-0013] mhz_ - The Weekly Flop #4

[haltura4-0014] found artist & yukari sendo - Broadcast Promo CD #1

[haltura4-0015] Vziel Projet / n0iseof7her0se - The Weekly Flop #5

[haltura4-0016] Lying Fish Fetish - The Weekly Flop #6

[haltura4-0017] racxaz - new finktitled b13


Image Catalog

[haltura4-I0001] â§CAT - NOTESIV P1

[haltura4-I0002] â§CAT - Görlitz

[haltura4-I0003] â§CAT - Krakau, parto 1

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